Loving Lily

Our journey to China to bring a little girl home to her family.

Monday, January 16, 2006

We're cleared for take off!

I'm so happy to announce to you all that we have received our Travel Approval. Our agency has it in hand as of this morning, and they are working hard to set our US consulate appointment, which will determine the rest of our itinerary. My mind is going a million miles a minute, and my body is having difficulty keeping up, as I find myself running in circles today. They are tentatively scheduling us to leave around February 8 and returning about two weeks later. We'll be in China in three weeks!!!!!!! This all seems so surreal. I have MUCH to do, including packing for two toddlers and one husband and myself, scheduling Lily's initial doctor's appointment for a day or two after our return, solidifying childcare for Caleb and Gabriel (who REALLY want to go, but we just can't swing it), etc.

I also didn't get a chance to tell most of you that we received word last week that we were approved for TWO grants! Can you believe it?! One is from Shaohannah's Hope and the other is a matching grant, and we have to raise $1500 so that they will match it. I'm sending out the fundraising letters tomorrow. We were notified of both of these grants on the same day! What a gift from the Lord! Isn't that just like him?

So I will keep you all posted when we receive our itinerary. I feel like I'm pregnant...and my water just broke. This is really happening!

Thank-you for your prayers and thoughts.

Hang on tight and fasten you safety belts, because the exciting part of the journey is about to start!!!



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