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Our journey to China to bring a little girl home to her family.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Warm Guangzhou

Think Kissimee, FL. That is our first impression of Guangzhou. It is
VERY tourist driven. Tonight is the Festival of the Lanterns, so even
though it is 11 p.m. people are still out walking and laughing and
having fun. Spring festival (which lasts 15 days) ends tonight, and
everyone who has travelled for the holiday starts heading back home
and back to school and work. We are in the China Hotel, and it is
HUGE. It's very nice, much roomier than the hotel in Beijing. It also
has a garden/courtyard and playground on the 4th floor. We'll be
putting that to use I'm sure.

We were supposed to get Lily tomorrow at 11 a.m., but the plans have
changed and we won't see her until 3 p.m. That is still only 15 hours
away. We are so excited! Even amidst the exhaustion of sleep
deprivation (Seth is not happy about trying new beds and new
rooms...he wants his own bed. He's been sleeping in 2 hours intervals,
and I just can't seem to get enough hours of sleep in a row. I'm
praying for rest for the three of us tonight.

Oh yes, we finished Beijing with a tour of Tien'An Men Square, the
Forbidden City, and a pearl place. We also attended the Beijing
International Christian Fellowship. It is a church only for foreigners;
locals are not allowed to attend and we had to show our passports at
the door. There were probably 1000 in attendance, and MANY ethnic
groups were represented. Worship was great, kind of like how it might
be in heaven one day. Most of the songs and the sermon were in English.

Well, I have many zzzz's I need to catch tonight. The next time you
hear from me, we will have grown by one precious daughter!!!!


P.S. Thanks so much for all the encouraging notes yesterday. I loved
hearing from everyone. I cherish so much all of your support, and I
plan on printing out everyone's notes to put in Lily's Lifebook for
her to cherish one day as well.

Walking across Tian'An Men Square. Seth is quite content with his view from the backpack.

The main (only?) entrance into the Forbidden City, adjacent to Tian'An Men Square. Notice the Chinese soldiers on duty.

A gate into the Forbidden City

Seth and his constant runny nose.


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